#FridayReads 2120-10-01 ‘Witherward’ and ‘Providence’

This week I’m reading for my favourite Halloween Bingo square, Darkest London and one of the new squares, Lost In Space. I’m looking forward to both of them

My Darkest London book is a newly published fantasy novel about a sort of mirror London, ruled by magic.. My Lost In Space book is a military Science Fiction npvel by an Australian writer who always delivers an original twist or three.

One of the squares has been called and the other will give me a complete column of read books.

‘Witherward’ by Hannah Mathewson (2021)

Witherward is a roll of the dice. It’s a debut fantasy novel with a promising premise and a gorgeous cover and it’s a perfect fit for Darkest London.

If it works, it will be a lot of fun. I’m fascinated by the idea of mirror cities where magic works. My favourite example is Emma Newman’s Between Two Thorns, which has Bath as the mirror city.. If Witherward is as good as that, I’ll be very happy.

‘Providence’ by Max Barry (2021)

I read Max Barry’s innovative, clever, exciting and violent, science¬†fiction novel Lexicon back in 2014 and decided he’d be one of my Must Read authors. Yet here I am seven years later and only now getting to another of his books. So much for good intentions.

Although Providence sounds like a military Science Fiction book, I expect it to be a bit more challenging than that. The AI-powered ship sounds sinister. The aliens are very opaque and I expect the humans to be burdened with secrets and conflicting agendas.

I’m hoping for something exciting, original and a little challenging.

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